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Our Prefects, chosen for their academic achievements, positive attitudes, and commitment to the school community, promote our values of respect, kindness, and integrity.
Our regular assemblies bring the school community together to share values, celebrate achievements, and showcase talents, reinforcing our values and sense of community.
We offer a variety of clubs for students of all grades from Monday to Thursday, with specialist teachers and options from sports to music, drama to fencing, providing an engaging way to pursue interests and develop life skills.
Our annual production brings great musicals to life, showcasing our students’ talents and exposing them to the wider world of performing arts.
Our Music and Arts Department hosts a range of events throughout the year, providing a platform for students to showcase their talents and contribute to the creative atmosphere within our school community and beyond.
Students are assigned into Houses Austen, Chaplin, Darwin or Seacole to encourage a sense of community, healthy competition, and reinforces our values of respect and teamwork.
Our Sports Programme, emphasizing teamwork, sportsmanship, and healthy competition, provides opportunities for students to develop their skills in a variety of sports, with talented coaches and state-of-the-art facilities.
Available to Grades 5-12, our intensive studies programme enhances learning, with local study camps and a three-week programme in Thailand. It is now a regular feature of our curriculum.
Our field trips, tailored to each age group, provide hands-on experiences to deepen understanding and broaden horizons, from local parks and museums to historical sites and cultural events.

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Basketball is the focus for our House Sports in Term 3. Lower Middle School 'Tip-Off' was on Saturday last with Grades 6, 7 & 8. Scores as follows:

Grade 7-8 Combined Teams
Darwin 1st
Austen 2nd
Chaplin 3rd
Seacole 4th

Chaplin 1st
Darwin 2nd
Austen 3rd
Seacole 4th

Grade 6
Austen 1st
Darwin 2nd
Seacole 3rd
Chaplin 4th

Seacole 1st
Darwin 2nd
Austen 3rd
Chaplin 4th
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ESM Songs Festival was successfully organised for the 9th year. The competition comprised of two stages, with 12 out of the 26 classes advancing to the next stage. Active, competitive, and skillful participation characterised the event. The judges included: Chinzayaat Munkhshur: Master opera singer, Bekatrina Bek: singer, young rapper, Dolgorsuren Zaya: head of the art department, dance teacher.Based on the evaluation of the invited judges, the following classes secured places:
5IO: 3rd place
12A,B: 2nd place
11B: 1st place
Congratulations to all the students and teachers of the participating classes for their active, organised, and successful involvement in the competition.
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This weekend ESM hosted the very first International Schools of Ulaanbaatar Chess Tournament.

Many thanks to all our colleague schools for their participation - Tomujin Alternative School / Tomyo International School / Shine Zuun Bileg International School / Shine Ue International School / Human International School / British School of Ulaanbaatar / English School of Mongolia. It was great to have you on the ESM campus!

Over 100 keen chess players competed in three categories, and of course, they were playing to win!

Final winners were:

Primary Division -
Gold - Tomyo International School
Silver - Shine Zuun Bileg International School
Bronze - English School of Mongolia Team 1

Secondary Girls Division -
Gold - Tomujin Alternative School
Silver - English School of Mongolia
Bronze - British School of Ulaanbaatar

Secondary Boys Division -
Gold - Tomujin Alternative School
Silver - English School of Mongolia
Bronze - Human International School

Many congratulations to all the players and well done on producing some great chess.

We look forward to the event in 2025 when we will again host the Chess Tournament and once again invite all our great colleagues from across Ulaanbaatar.
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Photos captured moments of Science Fair. ... See MoreSee Less

Today our regular 'pop-up concert' featured performances of traditional artistic expressions from various Asian cultures by our Grade 5 students, in line with their recent unit of inquiry into how we express ourselves. After the performances the students gave presentations about different expressions of culture from across the world, sharing knowledge gained through their independent research in recent weeks. ... See MoreSee Less

We are thrilled to share the highlights of our recent Science Fair, where the brilliance and dedication of our students illuminated the halls of ESM over the past few days.

On February 21st, our budding scientists from grades 6-8 captivated audiences with their impressive science fair exhibitions. The event, spanning two days, was a culmination of over a week of intensive preparation by our students. Their projects not only showcased their ingenuity but also reflected their commitment to scientific inquiry and exploration.

Following this remarkable showcase, on the subsequent day, our Grade 11 IB students took center stage to present their IB group four projects. These projects, designed to promote collaboration across the three science disciplines, demonstrated the depth of understanding and the level of sophistication that our Grade 11 students have achieved. We are immensely proud of their accomplishments and the strides they have made in advancing scientific knowledge and innovation.

Beyond the scientific realm, what truly stood out during these events was the demonstration of qualities that are invaluable in today's world. Our students exhibited traits such as creativity, resilience, collaboration, and critical thinking - qualities that will undoubtedly pave the way for their success, regardless of their chosen career paths.

None of this would have been possible without the unwavering support of our parents and teachers. Their encouragement, guidance, and mentorship have been instrumental in nurturing the talents and aspirations of our students.

As we eagerly await the announcement of the winners next week, we invite you to stay tuned for our next newsletter. We will be featuring interviews with the winners, where they will share insights into their journey to success and reflect on their preparation for the Science Fair.

Once again, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to making this event a resounding success. Together, we are shaping the future of science and nurturing the next generation of innovators and leaders.
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Well done Munkh Uchral Khuslen

Today our Grade 2 classes have been visiting our senior school science labs to experience the world of scientists, with our senior science teachers giving demonstrations of physics and chemistry experiments. As well as the exciting and inspiring experience for our future scientists, the experiments were directly linked with the Grade 2 students' recent science inquiries, developing their knowledge in these fields. ... See MoreSee Less

Today, our grade 1 adventurers went on a field trip exploring the world of professions. The trip was a highlight of this POI unit, offering valuable hands-on learning experiences. Children had the opportunity to observe different job tools and uniforms, learn about the roles of various professionals, and even try out some of the jobs themselves. The trip included group activities and free exploration time for children: playing doctor in a mini-hospital and blasting off into space as little astronauts. A lot of discoveries and food for imagination! ... See MoreSee Less

We're delighted to share the growing partnership between ESM (educational Support Movement) and Dalanjargalan School in Dornogovi province. In Dalanjargalan, education thrives in two places. The main school supports 360 students (grades 1-9), and the second school is a cozy haven for 130 young learners (grades 1-5). Last November, 15 teachers from the province visited our school here in Ulaanbaatar and enjoyed our South Pacific musical, fostering cultural exchange.

On Monday, 19th February, a small team from ESM visited the Dalanjargalen schools; Mr Anthony, Mr Ulzii, Ms Zaya and Mr Puje. Our collaborative efforts have focused on fundraising, resulting in a remarkable 4,373,380 MNT raised in recent months. To further support Dalanjargalan School, ESM representatives visited on February 19, 2024 presenting gifts such as a 55-inch TV, A3, and A4 printers. These contributions aim to enrich the learning environment and contribute to the academic growth of the students.

This strengthens our bond, creating positive educational experiences. We're excited about the ongoing success and positive impact on students and educators.

We look forward to our continued collaboration in Dornogovi.
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This is just wonderful! Great initiative !

Good job done! Thank you team ESM

Good luck Mr Anthony Hemmens.

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