Dear Colleagues,

22 August 2016

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ESM has opened for its sixth year in a sunny, optimistic mood, despite the lowering clouds outside, nationally and internationally.


Our overall teaching strength increases year on year. There are a host of improvements and tweaks to the School day, routines and curriculum and the numbers are higher and healthier than they have been in the School’s Life. Also markedly better IGCSE and AS Results from the Summer have revealed ESM’s true potential for sending students to the best international universities.


2016-2017 sees important landmarks reached:

The completion of the first IB Diploma Programme, the BSO Inspection, DofE moving into Silver Awards-as well as improvements in online tracking of students’ academic progress. We have strengthened the identity of the Middle School. There are four new faces in the Senior Management Team and, reflecting its popularity, the Junior School has further invalid Floor 2 for Grades 4 and 5 Classrooms. 


We will be more active than ever on the Sports front. There are full fixture list in several sports with short tours to Korea and Russia already pencilled in and a choice of after-school options. Culturally, we are planning a big Art Exhibition, a major Christmas Concert a Repeat of the Songs Afternoon and a return visit to the Ulaanbaatar Ensemble Theatre for a Drama Competition, where many classes will perform one-act play lets.


In the Junior and Pre-School, there will be the usual Christmas and Summer Entertainments and the traditional sequence of staged Assemblies. The Assembly Hall senior also witnesses many cultural presentaions from the Mongolian, Russian, Japanese and Chinese Departments.


Higher up, the Studentswill organize their Proms, Debates and in the Spring ESM Players re-assemble for another full-scale production.

In our marketing we use the strap line Adventures in Education and the range of activities on offer surely bears out the truth of this phrase.

We hope your family will greatly enjoy the 2016-2017 year at ESM.




Graham Hill



The English School of Mongolia




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The ESM Family comes together again for the New School Year.

Opening Ceremony 10.00 am Thursday 18 August.