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Central to our school ethos, music can help to support language and creative development in all children. Divided into music and choir, the children receive specialist teaching which aims to work within the Topic studied with the Classroom Teacher. Through a range of clubs and extra-curricular activities our choir regularly appears in grand performances, such as our production of Little Red Riding Hood, the Christmas Concert, Universe Best Song, a Community Performance on Beetle Avenue and at the State Ballet and Opera Theatre. In addition, Classroom teachers often use music and singing in their lessons to support learning.

Our music lessons reflect a broad and balanced curriculum appropriate to children’s age and development.


Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
Grade 1 Music: Making sounds


Choir: Movement when Singing

Music: Exploring Speed


Choir: Christmas Songs

Music: Exploring Pulse


Choir: Singing and Composing

Music: Responding to Music from Other Cultures


Choir: Melody and Dynamic

Grade 2 Music: Exploring Speed


Choir: Sound Altitude

Music: Describing Weather


Choir: Christmas Songs

Music: Exploring Pitch


Choir: Melody and Variation

Music: Exploring Pulse


Choir: Sea Shanties

Grade 3 Music: Describing Animals


Choir: Exploring Melody

Music: Rhythmic Patterns


Choir: Christmas Songs

Music: Pentatonic Scales


Choir: Viking Folklore Songs

Music: Describing Images and Moods


Choir: Notes of the First Octave

Grade 4 Music: Exploring Rhythmic Patterns


Choir: Mongolian Folklore Songs

Music: How are Songs Accompanied?


Choir: Christmas Songs

Music: African Drumming – Cyclical Patterns


Choir: Music from Africa

Music: Industrial Music


Choir: Singing in a Choir

Grade 5 Music: Exploring Lyrics and Melody


Choir: Singing Games and Rounds

Music: Performing Together


Choir: Choral Singing and Christmas Songs

Music: Describing Space


Choir: Exploring Dynamics

Music: The Music of Mozart


Choir: Melody