International Baccalaureate
International Baccalaureate


И-ЭС-ЭМ ОУ-ын дунд сургуулийн вебсайтад тавтай морилно уу.

Манай И-ЭС-ЭМ ОУ-ын дунд сургууль нь 2011 онд Кембриджийн ОУ-ын дунд сургуулийн эрх, БСШУЯ-аас ОУ-ын хөтөлбөртэй ОУ-ын дунд сургууль, 2015 онд IB буюу ОУ-ын  бакалавриатын дунд сургуулийн сертификатыг тус тус авч 70 гаруй гадаад, монгол   багш 700 гаруй сурагчидтай англи хэл дээр сургалт хүмүүжлийн ажлыг амжилттай   явуулж байна.



Welcome to ESM and our Website.

Just a few details about our School

The English School of Mongolia was founded in 2011 and is an Independent International School, accredited by Cambridge Examinations and was awarded an IB World Status in 2015. It is only the FOBISIA School in Mongolia. All Subjects are conducted in English at ESM with about 70 Foreign and Mongolian Teaching Staff and over 700 students.

We are offering a wide range of clubs after school such as Asian and European languages, Cultural Activates including instrumental teaching in Music, Sports on a wide platform from Taekwondo to Yoga, even Cricket! Also we are offering the Duke of Edinburgh Course to Students again the only School in Mongolia to do this.

But the best way of finding out about ESM is to come and see us. Do email or telephone us to make an appointment to meet the Staff and look round the School.

Also you may like to look at our Admission Policy.

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August 20, 2018
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