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Kublai Hall Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony for the new assembly hall "The Kublai Hall" was as majestic as the grand interior of the new hall itself. For the ceremony, we had honoured guest such as Music professor Andy Fisher (Southampton University, England), Long song singer Nomin-Erdene, Cuban Embassy Representative, Japanese Embassy Representative, Representative of "Defacto" Jargalsaikhan, and the School Board Members lead by the School Founder Erdenebat.B himself. 
HMA Catherine Arnold, British Ambassador to Mongolia has officially opened the Hall.
The music scores for the ceremony was performed by UB Brass of Mongolian State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet.

IB Arts trip to Zanabazar Museum, Odonchimeg Pavaajargal’s Joint Contemporary exhibition and Artist Nomin Bold’s Studio

IB Year I and II students are working on their comparative studies and their art works to be exhibited this year. They’re asked to produce at least 1 work that has been influenced or inspired by Mongol Zurag. Thus our young talents have visited Zanabazar Museum to learn and explore the history of Mongolian Zurag Style, Odonchimeg Pavaajargal’s Joint Contemporary exhibition called “Before Sky Falls Whilst Wind Blows” and Artist Nomin Bold’s Studio to study Contemporary Mongol Zurag and its techniques. 
Thank you Nomin Bold for accepting our request to visit your workshop!

1B Concert

Our delightful little 1st graders from 1B have just played their first ever concert in the Kublai Hall in front of their peers and parents.

Junior School Concert

At 10am today, the entire Junior School gathered together in the new Kublai Hall for our Junior School concert. Many children from G1 to G5 participated and we watched many excellent performances with dancing and singing. From piano solos to whole form groups pretending to be skeletons it was fun from start to finish! Thank you to everyone involved, especially the children who took part.

Middle School Got Talent

Our artistic Middle-School students have competed against each other in Middle-School Got Talent in Kublai Hall. There were a wide variety of presentation of skills were shown, from playing music and singing to stand-up comedy and even parkour tricks.