Science Department

The science department consists of 4 classrooms, 3 of which double as lab facilities.  

There is one classroom each that is dedicated to biology, chemistry, and physics and one general use classroom.  There are also 3 prep rooms, one dedicated to each of the main areas of science.  

The classrooms are equipped with lab equipment that is standard for an international high school.  The chemistry lab has been upgraded to include a full fume hood, eyewash station, and 4 Bunsen burner work stations.  

The biology room is equipped with microscopes, one of which has a USB camera that can project onto a screen for whole classroom viewing.  

Currently there are 5 fulltime science teachers as well as a fulltime lab technician.



The ESM Family comes together again for the New School Year.

Opening Ceremony 10.00 am Thursday 18 August.