Above the entrance to our library reads ‘A good book is the precious life blood of a master spirit’.    
At the heart of our school, the library is home to lessons across the grades, providing an educational setting where students have access to a range of information sources.

The Middle and Senior section contains a range of fiction and reference books. The soft, carpeted Junior section provides a comfortable, bright space where the students can really enjoy reading. Large tables ensure the children have a place to study, whilst sofas are available for those who want to simply enjoy a good book. 

Within the library, our large interactive whiteboard provides opportunity for whole class learning, and presentations such as our Parent’s Workshops. Students also have access to our 12 computers for research and development of ICT skills.

In addition, our textbook store allows students to access Cambridge and Mongolian language textbooks to support their studies.



The ESM Family comes together again for the New School Year.

Opening Ceremony 10.00 am Thursday 18 August.