The ESM Kindergarten facility consists of one big, bright, all purpose room that transforms daily to meet the needs of our busy schedule.  

In the morning, our room is full of children playing with a variety of educational toys.  In this same space, we start the day by singing the Mongolian national anthem and strengthening our bodies with exercise.

The room then transforms into a dining area and the children have a warm breakfast made in our private kitchen.  After everyone uses our bathrooms tailored for young children, the room transforms for our English lessons.

The chairs are moved into a circle to play English games, sing English songs, and learn the English alphabet. We take a break from our lessons to play outside.  

When we return, our room has become a dining room for us to eat lunch.  After lunch, the room is a peaceful and quiet bedroom where the children rest after a long day of activities.  

When the children awake, the room becomes a place to have a healthy snack, hear a story, and play.  Everything is put in its place at the end of day and ready to transform with the arrival of the children in the morning.




The ESM Family comes together again for the New School Year.

Opening Ceremony 10.00 am Thursday 18 August.