Cambridge IGCSE®

Syllabus contents


  • Why choose Cambridge?
  • Why choose Cambridge IGCSE?
  • Why choose Cambridge IGCSE Music?
  • Cambridge ICE (International Certificate of Education)
  • How can I find out more?

Teacher support

  • Support materials
  • Resource lists
  • Training

Assessment at a glance

Syllabus aims and assessment objectives

  • Syllabus aims
  • Assessment objectives
  • Relationship between assessment objectives and components
  • Grade descriptions

Assessment in detail

  • Scheme of assessment
  • Components

Content of component 1

Assessment criteria for coursework

  • Component 2 Performing
  • Component 3 Composing

Appendix A

  • Grade descriptions
  • Terminology, units, symbols and presentation of data for biology
  • Glossary of terms used in science papers
  • Mathematical requirements

Making and submitting recordings

Other information

Additional information for England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Appendix: Coursework forms


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