The intensive study trip at Gobi Resort have re-started with Grade 8Cc and 8D last week and grade 7 and 6 to follow in the upcoming weeks. So far, we had successful and wonderful three days. After our arrival at the campus and a brief meeting, we began our sessions with our teachers in the classroom and P.E gym. Although the weather here is colder than in the city, the air here is much cleaner.
There was a nice balance between relaxation and learning. Our students had fun using the sports facilities, and the indoor and outdoor areas to develop themselves. After finishing long sessions on the second day, we went hiking around the campus as well as sports events. We were exhausted but felt energized. After 30 minutes of break time to recharge then we continued with our diligent studies and focused on reviewing the day during our reflection time. As the gap-time due to the distant learning, this was very beneficial for us.
The time we spent in our dorms was very eventful, such as playing and doing activities with teachers and students. We got full meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with tea and biscuit breaks. The dorms were warm and spacious as we did not have to worry about any major problems.
On our last day, we had an early breakfast followed by a round-up meeting where we packed our bags and said our goodbyes to a fantastic time at the Gobi Resort.