Dear Parents,


The Summer Term has come to a close with Mongolia and the world still much affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Despite this, ESM has completed its Online Learning successfully and brought the year to an end with the School-wide “Lessons from Lockdown” Project (see our website for best entries).


We were able to run Graduation Ceremonies for our 42 School Leavers in Grade 12 in three separate ceremonies on 21 May with Diplomas awarded, the usual speeches-and music from Jojo and a Jazz Trio, plus ESM soloists. Also, at the other end of the School, a charming on-line Pre-School Graduation.


These and many other events are all available to view on our Facebook Page: The English School of Mongolia | Facebook. Reports and Grades have been sent to all Parents and our Senior Students are preparing for the Mongolian State Exams in July


Work is underway for next year with the creation of a new Sports Activities Hall situated at the back of the Main Building and improvements in the 1:15 Registration Area of the School. The institute Premises on Tokyo Street are being refurbished and the Launch of the Institute took place in Zaisan Hill on 5th June with news of the first two courses for Pre-University Students. There are Professional Skill Courses, one running for a full year; the second on Accelerator Course running 4 months from August 2021.


These weeks are dominated by the Election and Mongolian response to Pandemic, of course, but we will soon be into Naadam and soon after that ESM springs back into life. Our Teachers return on 22nd July for Professional Development work.


On Monday 26th July, ESM Launches its Shaping Up Fortnight where the stress will be very much on Physical Fitness, Sport and Outside Activities. Two weeks later on 9th August we are back into a full Academic Programme.


In the busy weeks planned for Term 1, we anticipate both a PYP Inspection and also the British School Overseas Full Inspection. We are hoping for a highly active work Programme across the School run on traditional lines but using some of our acquired on-line experience-a full range of Sports, Artistic and Club Activities-which everyone has so missed over these last months.


So, all being well, an exciting few months for ESM in prospect. I hope everyone enjoys a Summer Break in good health and much look forward to welcoming the whole ESM family back as ESM returns on 26th July.



Graham Hill