Dear Parents,


We are into February and hope that very soon Mongolia, like many other countries, will start rolling out a vaccination process to combat the virus. It seems the only way to get on top of the pandemic.


At ESM, we are continuing with the Google Classroom Programme and once again I must warmly thank the ongoing combination of parents, students, and teachers for persevering on this worthwhile project.

I know it is demanding and exhausting for all, but the high level of satisfaction expressed in surveys and feedback convinces us how useful the programme is in keeping things going.


We await (new) Government guidance on a full return to schooling and hope that the virtual journey will become the real thing again in March.

The Tsagaan Sar Break will start from Monday 8 February and further details will be announced after the dates are finalised.


Our intention is to make up any lost time with extra days of schooling in March to Summer period; once the Government has issued instructions, we will clarify this.

We are already progressing plans to maximise activities for the whole school including a summer fitness course, as soon as this frustrating spell is at an end.


You can be assured that everyone at ESM is energetically planning to move the school on robustly and excitingly just as soon as we are shown a green light.


Please take special care of yourselves and your families as before.

Gillie and I send our very best wishes to you all.



Graham Hill,


The English School of Mongolia