Dear Parents/Guardians,

A Very Happy New Year to you all for a year with so much riding on it for everyone in the world.

Welcome back to our students as we embark on Term 3, starting on another virtual journey, at least for the first weeks. As we said before Christmas, we will review the position at the beginning of February and see where we are as regards lockdowns and restrictions going forward.

Thank you to everyone who has cheered our spirits with so many videos and messages, produced from every corner of the school, appearing day after day on our website and Facebook page.

Once again, our joint resolution must be to keep ourselves and those around us safe, in good spirits, and to try to keep a true learning experience alive for our children, until the clouds finally lift.

We are lucky indeed to be able to draw strength from the loyalty and determination of the ESM family. No-one underestimates the challenges for our whole community in supporting the online programme and the more general hardships economic and varied for us all. We so appreciate your commitment.

Thank you for supporting ESM in so many obvious and less visible ways.

Please be assured as always that the entire school team is totally devoted to your children’s welfare.

We all long for better days; in the meantime, please look after yourselves and your families.


Graham Hill