Dear All, 

ESM returned to School on Monday in high spirits after a proper break; students, staff (and parents) eager to get started for a busy term ahead. Our Grades 11 and 12 are already out at the Mongolian Kuwaiti Conservation Centre on their 2-week residential intensive study course. Middle and Senior School students are working in the Cambridge syllabus with Grade 10, preparing to take their IGCSE Exams, also heading out to MKCC on 20 January. 

Our Pre and Junior School classes are coming towards the end of the candidacy stage for the IB PYP Programme and these are important months so that ESM can be fully accredited for the PYP by the end of this Academic Year. 

Later this term there will be notices about 2020-2021, outlining current and future projects and Scholarship and Entry Arrangements for August. 

The Term just started is 11 weeks in duration, with a break for Tsagaan Sar in the week starting 24 February –after 7 weeks of term. The Calendar is now on the Website and includes notice of the FOBISIA Maths Competition involving 12 International Schools from 8 different countries, hosted by ESM, Rehearsals and Performance dates for the Musical, “West Side Story”, and the ESM United Nations Conference. There is also a full Sporting Programme including the ESM International Basketball Cup. Detailed information on these events and others will be issued in due course and you are encouraged to follow day-to-day ESM News on our Facebook Page 

The weather is good, the Calendar is pretty non-stop and ESM has a lot of goals to accomplish in the coming weeks. 


Graham Hill 


English School of Mongolia