Dear All,

Term 2 at ESM came to an end this week with the School in almost constant action since our opening in mid-August. We are still receiving Registration requests and are having to refuse new students in many Grades, with numbers at over 825.

Much of our Teachers’ attentions in recent days has been in the pulling together and production of Grades and Scores through the school from Class studies to Mock Exams. All Parents are receiving mid-year Reports this week and these should give a guide not only to academic performance, but also how we view progress holistically for your child as a person; interests; clubs; involvement in school life, social skills and general well-being.

December traditionally provides a rich variety of seasonal offerings at ESM. The 5th Songs Competition produced 24 entries of good quality, reduced to 13 Songs for the Final, where Class 5C emerged triumphant. At the UB Ensemble theatre, the Christmas Concert was a compelling mix of song, dance, ballet, dazzling solos, vaudeville and much seasonal fun, accompanied by the Frontier Army Band in top form. Over at the Russian Cultural Centre, a huge wealth of talent performed to parental audiences over 4 different concerts: Preschool, (a knock-out show!) Grade 1, Grades 2 and 3 and Grades 4 and 5.

The House System has bedded down well and everyone enjoyed the first house Lunch for the 3 houses last week at which it was announced that the leading house mid-year is Austen. Our sports teams continue to impress with our Junior boys claiming victory (last week on goal difference) in the UBAC Football Tournament. ESM students are involved in many activities over the town during the Week, including in a major way with the “Nutcracker” production.

You can follow many of these events, including film of the Christmas Concert, on our Facebook page:

We return on Monday 6 January with Grades 12 and 11 leaving that day for the MKCC Intensive Study Course. In the meantime, Gillie and I send warmest greetings to the whole ESM family of Students, Staff and Parents for a very Happy Christmas and a Successful 2020.




The English School of Mongolia