Dear Parents,

 A handful of days until November; Term 2 underway and Autumn weather in Ulaanbaatar several degrees warmer than usual: just a few flakes of snow and no pollution.

The Calendar, even is this early part of the term, takes in the new Leonardo Floor with a Canadian University Presentation in the Common Room and a University Global Fair (with eleven visiting campuses) in the Gallery, both this week. It is also Halloween Season, will different Parties and Takes on this Festival, centred on Kublai Hall for all parts of the school on Friday. Tomorrow, a business studies class is visiting MACU White Mountain Cheese Factory to study manufacturing and marketing and the owner’s business story (an ESM parent).

The Junior School has a busy programme ahead: With a bumper set of Clubs, a Winter Sports day, our repeat appearance at the Turkish Embassy Educational Festival, A Museum Field Trip, and a Coffee Morning for Parents, amongst much else.

          Week 2 brings a Book Fair run by Internom showcasing many publications in English and Mongolian, for everyone from preschool to adults and including a Shelf entitled A Favoutrite Book of Mine, presented by ESM teachers and Staff. We hope many Parents will be able to join the Bookfest running from 28-31 October in the Gallery. Also, next week Grade 8 make their first visit to MKCC for a residential educational Outing. This follows on from the successful Grade 7 and DofE Excursions there in September.

          Fresh from successes in the UBAC under 19 Volleyball (Girls U19 in First Place and Boys U19 in Second Place in the local International Schools’ Tables), our sports department are again next week hosting the ESM International Volleyball Cup for visiting schools including a re-invited guest team from Irkutsk in Siberia. The school’s sporting interests range ever more widely with Tennis and Fencing currently very popular. Football is as strong as usual with many wins for our teams to celebrate and Rugby, newly, just as the World Cup in Japan is reaching its climax, poised to start.

          In November, as part of our Professional Development Programme run by Veema Consulting, a leading UK educational Training group, we also have Clive Leach returning. His Training Programmes concentrate on Positivity, increasing levels of Resilience, Self-esteem, Goal-striving and Wellness. He will again run a session for ESM parents during the week (details to follow).

          As we move towards the end of the year, the traditional Songs event, and Interclass Competition, always fiercely contested, will run in Kublai Hall with outside Judges to assess the best contribution. In weeks 8 and 9 attention turns to Christmas Concerts: This year with the Pre/Junior School Main Event performed twice on stage at the Russian Cultural Centre across the Quad from us and the Middle/Senior event at the UB Ensemble Theatre to complete the term.

          As our School life grows busier and more demanding for all of our students, please may we all (parents, carers, friends, teachers, school administration) feel part of the common determination to create full and balanced lives for everyone. Sensible sleeping patterns, feeding times, divides between work and leisure – we all know these are very important for high performance levels. And restraints and house rules about cellphones, computer games, wall to wall TV, social media in all its glory: we all need self-discipline here.

          So, much to aspire to as ever, as ESM gains pace in term 2.


Graham Hill