09 September 2019


Dear Parents,

ESM is already into Week 5, with warm weather last week to complete our run of countryside days. This involved two of our outings comprising the whole Junior School at a new site Tuv Aimag, (see the photos below). The area, a beautiful spot, is just 2 klms on from the Mongolia Kuwaiti Conservation Centre (MKCC). This is the chosen venue, about 50 minutes from school, for our ESMBOARDING initiative which we announced in June and which opens with Grade 7 taking up residence for the first week of intensive study, involving an English/Maths/Mongolian/Sport Programme for 3 days next week.

Floor 4 is up and running, with 8 classrooms in use, new offices occupied and an IB Common Room and Recreation Area in place. This Leonardo wing will be officially opened on Friday 27 September and interested parents will have an opportunity to look around the added facilities in week 8.

Our Preschool and Junior School have also undergone improvements, changes and extensions in recent weeks, now just about finished. Coffee Corner has been refurbished and the whole main building is fit for purpose for the 820 students in ESM this term, (246 of them new). These are about our maximum numbers at this site; we have had to turn down many applications for places at ESM since July. Things are moving fast at the Zaisan development for our second Pre-school, due to open in Spring 2020 and our 20:20 Vision is also focused on the extension of the ESMBOARDING plan and more Online Learning interaction, now that the new system is working well.

We have been working hard on agreeing with students the study options for IGCIE and IB Diploma and Certificates. The Sports term opens this Thursday with Volleyball matches against BSU; we had an ESM Talk-over Meeting last Thursday and an opening Lunchtime Concert (The CREW group) on Friday.

Term 1 includes Parents’ Evenings for all ESM Grades and these are scheduled for Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 September (details to follow) We are also taking a stand at the UK Inspire Me Conference at the Children’s Park on Saturday 21st September. So far then, it has been an auspicious start and the school’s triple aim of real Academic Standards, Sporting and Cultural cornerstones and our stress on Personal and Well-being qualities are plain for all to see. These threefold Ambitions are as the centre of everything ESM tries to do. And talking of 3 and omens, what better day to write to you all than 09-09-2019!

Please be encouraged, Parents, to join your Children and the dedicated Staff at ESM in our determination to make this the best year at ESM yet and, as always, feel free to follow everyday events and news on the School’s Facebook page.  ( https://www.facebook.com/englishschoolofmongolia )



Graham Hill