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13 February 2019

Dear Parents,

            All Sections of the School are back at full speed after our enforced absence and there is a crowded timetable for the (now) 4 weeks ahead. The Break allowed opportunities for two staff get-togethers to discuss ambitions for ESM and the 20:20 Vision Project and for 30 of our Teachers and Admin to update skills and knowledge on First Aid Courses at the School.

            We were also able to complete the GMIT Study Course at Nalaikh for Grades 11 and 12 Students, a very positive development in the view of teachers and pupils. And food for thought as to how we might further resist the likely challenge of winter disruption in 2020.

            Lots of welcomes for our Grade 12 University Entrants over the last few weeks. In addition to places all over Asia, the United Kingdom features strongly in the list of Universities our Senior Students have offers from this October. These include: Edinburgh, Manchester, York, East Anglia, Bristol, Leeds, Durham, Bolton, Cumbria and King’s and SOAS in London. Financial considerations will, of course, come into play, but these increasing new trends represent very much some of the key directions we want ESM pupils to be looking to for their further studies: University places in Europe, Australia, US and Canada, as well as many offers nearer home.

            Very well done to Park So Hyun (8B) who recently played Bach on her violin at Carnegie Hall, New York after her first place success at the Crescendo International Music Competition. Back in UB, Rehearsals are in their final phase for the School’s Major Production: Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel, with the Mongolian Premiere next Tuesday at the Opera House initiating a run of 8 Performances over the next three weeks. Tickets for the Charity Performance on 26 February cost 15,000 MNT; for the other 3 performances at MSATOB, details and free tickets are available at the School from Reception. Please support us this year for this traditionally big ESM occasion.

            The slightly revised Calendar for the last month of this Term includes Volleyball and Chess tournaments. Also featured are the mid-year Parents’ Evenings for all ESM Students, (about which you will soon be receiving information) on Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 February: an invaluable opportunity to discuss your children, their academic and general progress with their Teachers.

            So, it is very good to be back and the mood at ESM today as I write, is one of determination and motion and making up lost time. My thanks, as always, to our parents for your backing, flexibility and support for the aspirations of ESM.


Graham Hill