We were blessed with an exciting opportunity for Years 11 and 12 to spend two weeks using the facilities at the German Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology University in Nailakh. Staff here at ESM produced an Intensive Study Program for our students to make the most of the facilities offered by the university; turning what could be a slow January into a very productive and intensive two weeks.

“The weekly schedule guides us to be balanced with work and leisure, noise and silence” -Second Blog, Yesui (Year 11), Yalguun (Year 12).

Students were encouraged to become young adults, independent learners and to have a decent balanced life whilst at the University. The

lesson time was increased and the days were long, full of academics, stretching students to make decent progress with their Diploma. Students engaged in a variety of subjects but with a focus on Scientific research, utilising the facilities on offer: Blood Type Tests, producing Biodiesel, Soil Texture Analysis and wave and projectile motion measurements were but a few of the experiments students were able to engage in.

“With no bells to tell us to go to class or parents to make us do homework, we’ve had a taste of the independence we teenagers so eagerly desire” – Third Blog Post, Enkhuun (Year 12), Max (Year 11).

The balance of work and life was encouraged. Ensuring there was time for relaxation and reflection, both of which have their importance. In the evenings the students had the opportunity to play sports in the sports hall, get fit using the gym facilities, watch movies in the movie room or simply just relax with their peers in the dormitory, but with the latter being most popular; tiredness was certainly showing.

“This has truly been an unprecedented and exciting learning experience for all of us here at GMIT, and that is not just limited to students” – Final Blog Post, Saran (Year 11), Anar (Year 11), Choijilsuren (Year 12).

The university experience was felt as a very positive and productive experience by students and staff alike. We look forward to similar upcoming trips in the near future.

Yours sincerely

Mr J Meadows

Head of Senior School