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3 October 2018

Dear Parents,

The School has settled in well now at the end of Term 1, with many adjustments in place and in hand to meet the large school roll this year, now approaching 750 students.

The last week has seen a range of Parents’ Evenings in different formats, providing a reflective opportunity for you to assess your child’s academic and social progress and standing with all of our teachers. From our Youngest Students (the Pre-School now numbers 73) to our most mature (Grade 12 are in the midst of applications to a worldwide range of universities, including to UK and Europe, as well as to the United States and Asian institutions). These Autumn months are a time of progress and development for all.

Everyone has been especially pleased with our new intake of Teachers, introducing a pervasive feel of enthusiasm and talent to add to our Common Room mix. We are looking soon into the idea of bringing the IB Primary Years Programme into play to stand alongside the Cambridge Exams which constitute the central academic base for the Middle and early Senior Grades (6-10); with the now well established IB Diploma and our own ESM Diploma occupying Grades 11 and 12 at the top. Notable too has been the impact of our new Prefect body – so far excellent role models for the school to emulate.

Our Sporting results in the early Volleyball and Football Matches of the season have been charismatically pleasing (including a Taekwondo Gold Medal for Grade 3B student, Jeon Tae Yang; also 5 female students will be participating in a Gymnastics International Open Competition in Manchuria on Friday). The Friday lunchtime concert series has opened with three delightful short occasions, most recently with three of our own Music Department staff providing the programme. Last week the Art Department hosted the renowned watercolorist   Mr. Batnasan to demonstrate his enviable technique. A real allsorts selection on offer in the clubs this term, with some new offerings like Jiu-Jitsu; the Choir has already performed in Assembly.

The Duke of Edinburgh Awards opened activities with a Terelj Day-Out for new Bronze Medal Candidates last week. Thoughts and planning are ongoing for the more substantial outings and events for Terms 2 and 3: FOBISIA-related trips, Debates, Model UN, Drama, Concerts: more to report in the November letter.

As usual, please see our Facebook page for day-to-day news and reactions and our website for announcements and pictorial records of some of the last 8 weeks.

The Break before Term 2 sees the leaves falling, as UB prepares for winter and ESM readying for an engrossing and multi-layered run-up to December. School starts again for everyone on Monday 22 October at 8:20am.


Graham Hill


The English School of Mongolia